• YBBP Variable Frequency Adjustable Speed Three Phase Explosion Proof Motor悠悠娱乐彩票

    1) High-efficiency, energy conservation, big margin of temperature rise 2) Long service life, excellent performance 3) Advanced explosion-proof structure 4)High reliability and convenient operation and maintence
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  • YB3 Explosion Proof GOST Standard MOTOR悠悠娱乐游戏

    GOST standard, 100% POWER, 100% COPPER WIRE, IRON COST BODY, 380/660V
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  • Explosion Proof Motor悠悠娱乐中心李逵劈鱼

    Construction Feature of Explosion Proof Motor 1.Rated voltage: 380V/660V or on request. 2.Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz 3.Duty/rating:continuous(S1) 4.Explosion-proof marks: Exd I, Exd II AT4. Exd II BT4 5.Working condition: altitude below 1000m. TECHNICAL DATA OF Flame Proof...
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  • Small High Torque AC Motor手指悠悠球乐虎娱乐

    Construction Feature of small high torque ac motor Ambient temperature: -15°C≤θ≤40°C Above sea level: not exceed 1000m Rated voltage: ±5% Protection class: IP44/IP54/IP55 Insulation class/F Cooling method: ICO141 Duty: continuous(S) TECHNICAL DATA OF small high torque...
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  • Three Phase Electric Motor悠悠娱乐中心微信

    Construction Feature of Three Phase Electric Motor 1.Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed, IP55 / IP54 2.speed: 950rpm--3000rpm 3.Altitude: not exceed 1000m 4.AC Voltage: 220V, 380V 415V, etc
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  • 200 HP AC Motor悠悠娱乐怎么代购

    Construction Feature of 200 HP AC Motor The procedure we make 1. Stamping of lamination 2. Rotor die-casting 3. Winding and inserting – both manual and semi-automatically 4. Vacuum varnishing 5. Machining shaft, housing, end shields, etc… 6. Rotor balancing 7. Painting – both...
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  • Explosion Proof Motor悠悠娱乐能提现吗

    Construction Feature of Explosion Proof Motor 1. light weight, small volume, easy construction, convenient installation and maintenance 2. the fixed speed to produce frequency stability, low noise vibration, start quickly, stable downtime; 3. dustproof and waterproof, fully...
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  • Asynchronous Electric Motor悠悠娱乐怎么上下分

    Y2 series aluminum housing asynchronous electric motors, with latest design in entirety, are made of selected quality materials and conform to the IEC standard.
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  • 3 Phase Explosion Motor苹果手机下载悠悠扑鱼娱乐中心

    YB3 Series 3 phase explosion motor used on coal mine where methane and coal dust may be presend EXdl and dangerous explosion areas EXdllBT4 in the plate with the class IIB and temperature T1-T4 flammable gas, All ratings Class I
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  • Explosion Proof Standard Motor悠悠娱乐youyo456

    YB3 series explosion proof standard motors have outstanding performance such as high efficiency, energy-saving, high starting torque, low noise, slight vibration, reliable operation and easy maintenance, etc.
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  • High Efficiency Explosion Proof Motors华娱乐悠悠app

    YB3 series high efficiency explosion proof motors are totally enclosed fan cooled(TEFC), three phase squirrel cage induction motors.
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  • 3 Phase Motor悠悠娱乐中心 悠币

    Y series 3 phase motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled three phase squirrel cage induction motor. It is newly designed in conformity with the relevant rules of IEC&DIN42673 standards.
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